Ecumenical Center Joins Blanco CRC

The Ecumenical Center, a San Antonio-based nonprofit provider of counseling and mental health services, has signed on to provide services to Blanco County residents at the Community Resource Center (CRC). The Blanco County CRC will provide office and meeting space for 30 federal, state, and nonprofit service providers. It will be located at 206 S. Highway 281 in Johnson City and is set to open on Monday, Dec. 2.

“We’re excited to be partnering with the CRC,” said Mary Beth Fisk, executive director. The Ecumenical Center currently has 24 locations in central and south Texas. Last year, it provided services for 24,000 people, half of whom were children.

Fisk said while she and her staff of licensed counselors are experienced with providing mental health services in rural communities, her first step is to look at the community’s needs. “We want to ensure that the services we offer are meaningful and meet the needs of Blanco County residents,” she said. “Engagement with the community is key. I’m currently reaching out to community leaders.”

A significant unmet need may be services for children and teens. The Ecumenical Center provides art and music therapies, which can be helpful for those affected by depression, anxiety, and grief. Another possible focus area may be veterans who are affected by PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and traumatic brain injury.

All counseling services are “evidence-based,” meaning they have been shown through research to be effective at addressing particular needs.

Services are offered on a sliding fee scale, which means clients pay what they can afford to pay. “All people are welcome,” Fisk said. “No one is refused services.”

The Ecumenical Center was chartered in 1967 by Episcopal, Jewish, Catholic, and Methodist leaders in San Antonio who were looking to gather resources in the areas of psychology, medicine, and spirituality in order to provide education, counseling, and mental health services for the community.

The Blanco County CRC is part of Community Resources Centers of Texas, Inc., a nonprofit subsidiary of the Texas Housing Foundation. It is the fourth operational CRC under the Community Resource Centers of Texas, Inc. umbrella, with other locations in Burnet, Llano, and Williamson counties. The centers operate with the help of generous donors invested in community welfare, corporate sponsors, and grants. For more information, visit

-Joyce Humble, Blanco CRC Advisory Board

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