Williamson County CRC

155 Hillcrest Lane, Liberty Hill, TX 78642 – 512.548.5091

Opened in August 2011, Williamson County CRC is located at San Gabriel Apartments in Liberty Hill, Texas.

Headquartered in Marble Falls, Community Resource Centers of Texas, Inc. offers bold and fearless solutions to tackle elaborate rural challenges. The purpose of the CRC is to facilitate delivery of social and public health services to qualified clients provided by nonprofit organizations and government agencies. By housing dozens of these agencies in one location, clients can quickly learn about, apply for, and receive services that are administered by these agencies to improve their lives in both the short and long-term at no cost to the local taxpayer.

On-Site Partner Agencies

Other Agencies We Work With


If you or a family member need access to services or support:

Call us or walk in! In addition to connecting you with the agencies you need, we also offer computers and a fax machine for your use if you are job hunting.

Our service links you with the resources you need so you can improve your life, short-term and long-term. Call us or visit the location closest to you.